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A website built around our E-commerce system enables customers to buy things directly from you and lets you reach out to the global market. It’s a shop counter that’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the staff never have to go home. Setting up an online store can seem daunting, but there’s no need to fret. Leave everything to us and we’ll design and build your site based around what you want, and provide full training.


At 3 Legs Internet we think your website should reflect your business which is why all our websites are a custom design. We take your branding, sites you like and don’t link to produce a design idea just for you. These designs are also fully mobile responsive.

Depending on your budget, and size of website, we have a variety of different levels of design service to make sure you get the right site to promote your business.


Content is the most important part of any website and we will work with you to get the best out of this for your budget. Form whether you supply all the finished content directly through to a full content generation service, simply tell us how much or how little you need us to do.

Once you have your content we have a series of different page content layout options to better display the content on the website.


Content Management

All our websites are built using our own in-house developed Content Management System (CMS). This allows use to quickly and efficiently build your website. Since this is our own CMS it allows us to make site specific customisations to meet your specific projects needs. Once built, for a monthly service fee, you can then use the CMS to manage and maintain your site directly.

About 3 Legs CMS

E-Commerce & Payment

In order to manage and process orders for your website we have developed our own web-based Shopping Cart system. This system allows you to manage the products and categories on your website, maintains the basket for the shopper and then processes the checkout collection delivery details and applying the relevant delivery charge. Shoppers are then sent to one of the supported payment providers to make card payment to complete their purchase.

There are many different e-commerce software systems available, each supporting different payment providers. For Isle of Man based businesses this can be an issue as many of the big international payment providers don't accept Isle of Man based business customers.

We support PayPal but you will also need a VISA & Mastercard approved Payment Provider for those customers who do not wish to pay by PayPal. We currently have support for Trust Payments who can provide both the merchant account and payment gateway for online card payment.


About 3 Legs Cart

Domain Names, Hosting & Email

Getting a website built is only part of the job, you also need a domain name, hosting and email mailboxes. 3 Legs Internet is a member of Nominet for UK domain names, a reseller for .im names and reseller for other TLD domain names. This means we deal directly with domain registries and not via any other third party.

We also have invested in our own hosting and email infrastructure on the Isle of Man. This allows use to provide a total end-to-end solution for you.

Search Engines & SEO

Every website we build is search engine friendly and includes a sitemap page and xml files. The site is also submitted to both Google and Bing for inclusion in their directories. Each page of the site can have custom meta data added and include business and site structure rich snippit data.

We modern SEO content is king and we have a variety of content production services to help you make the most of your sites SEO.

Website Management

If you are too busy to manage your website, then not problem we have you covered. In addition to offering a content management solution we can also offer a website management solution. This website management solution can be tailored to fit your specific needs from page updates to regular blog/news posts or social media updates.

What does it cost?

There are 3 types of cost involved with a website.


E-Commerce website builds on the requirements for an information website by adding the need for a product catalogue, shopping cart & checkout and linking to a payment provider. There are, however, several different elements that are considered to produce the setup cost. These are:

  • Design Production
  • Site Development
  • Content Creation (such as photography, copywriting, logo design etc...)
  • Product Data import
  • Payment Provider configuration
  • Third Party Service Integration or Software development
  • Google Analytics & Search Submission

The complexity of the design, the number of pages and the features required will need to be determined in order to produce a price. We will produce a specific quote based on your specific needs.


In addition to the setup cost, you have the running operation costs. These include:

  • Domain Names
  • Website Hosting
  • E-Mail Mailboxes
  • Software Service Fees (3Legs CMS or 3Legs Cart)

These fees are charged monthly based on the services used for your website. Hosting and 3 Legs Web Cart starts from £65+VAT per month.


Finally, are the maintenance costs. If your website includes our CMS then you can make updates and additions directly. If you wish us to make updates for you then these will be chargeable. Likewise, any changes to the site design and functionality will be chargeable. If you wish to have regular updates made to the site for you then please consider a Website Maintenance agreement.

Example Websites

The following websites are examples of this type of site  with selected add-on features.

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