E-Mail Hosting

In addition to the hosting options we offer with our website packages, we also offer standalone email hosting in different mailbox sizes to suit your needs and preferences.

There are two types of account: POP3, in which emails are downloaded to your computer for local storage, after which they are cleared from the mail server (after a set time), and IMAP,where email remains on the server unless deleted. Our e-mail hosting provides 10Gb mailboxes which are ideally suited for IMAP use.

IMAP offers a better solution than POP3, as it offers synchronised access from multiple devices and locations. Over time, the volume of email can build up so you can choose to either export the email from your mailbox on to your computer and then delete them from the server or take advasntage of our upgrade options to increase the size of the mailbox.

If you are upgrading from POP3 to IMAP, you will need to export all your mail from your current email programme and then setup the IMAP mailbox and inport all your mail back into that. You will need to ensure that the IMAP mailbox is big enough to support all your current mail as well as having enough space for new mail.

Contact us to discuss your email hosting requirements.

Existing customers can take advantage of our new mailboxes at £5 per month per box. New customers can purchase a minimum 5-mailbox package for £25 per month, with additional boxes charged at £5 per month. All charges exclude VAT.

We also offer mail forwarding without a mailbox at £1 per month per email address.

Call us to find out what an IMAP mailbox can offer you.

If you currently have POP3 mailboxes or an existing IMAP mail provider, then you will need to migrate your current mailboxes to our service. This will usually involve backing up your current mailbox, configuring your email client to access the new mailboxes and then importing your old email. We can do this for you, charged at our standard hourly rate.

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