3Legs CMS

3Legs CMS gives you a flexible way to maintain all or part of your website

Our CMS (Content management System) makes it simple for you to add new functionality, or change or replace existing parts of your website. Using this powerful, yet simple, web-based system, you can easily make additions or alterations at any time, using any computer with Internet access. The beauty of CMS is that it allows you to add or change content without worrying that you might somehow "break" the design. We offer full training and help-desk support to keep you running so you can keep your site up-to-date and fresh. 

CMS Modules

Choose a website package with our Content Management System (CMS) in the service bundle then add any of the modules below to add functionality to your website.

Our Content Management System (CMS) modules are an easy way to add specific functionality to your website package at an affordable price. These modules are available as add-ons to a website package with our CMS in the monthly bundle. Each module has a basic setup cost and then an ongoing monthly service fee.

Standard Modules

The following are standard CMS modules that can be added to any website that has our basic CMS service.


The blog module allows you to maintain a simple blog, with no comment facility. Each entry can contain a photo, text, audio or video clip, pdf document, links to another page (or website) and a mini photo gallery. The main blog index contains a list of recent entries.


Press Release / News Manager

This module allows you to maintain a list of press releases on your website. There is also an RSS feed option to allow users of your website to subscribe.



Video Articles

The video Articles module allows you to maintain a series of article pages with a video as the main focus of the page. The system will produce an index list and an RSS feed of the articles.




This module features a page with a calendar where days containing events are highlighted. Selecting a day will show a summary list of events on that day. Clicking on this event will bring up more information. To keep website users informed, there is also an RSS feed which details the forthcoming events.



The listings module is customised to your specific requirements. You simply add an entry for each listing into the CMS and assign it to a category. The system will then generate an information page for each listing along with an index for each category.


Case Studies

‚ÄčThis module allows you to add a section to your website highlighting different projects and work that you have engaged in Each Case Study has its own information page with a "before and after" photo comparison or gallery, and a description of the relevant project.



This module allows you to enter in details of available offers with a start data and an end date. Each offer has its own information page and each time you publish, the system will generate an index page listing the currently available offers.


Image Gallery

The photo gallery module allows you to maintain a photo gallery on your website. This consists of thumbnail images and their larger versions, with each photo having a unique name and description. You can create either a single gallery or multiple galleries with an A-Z index. We offer various styles of gallery to best suit your website.


Video Gallery

This module allows you to maintain a video gallery on your website. Selecting a video will play it (videos are hosted as MP4 files and conversion to this format is necessary before importing to the CMS). You can create either a single gallery or feature multiple galleries with an A-Z index.


Document Archive

This module allows you create a page of documents that users can download. You can create either a single page or have multiple pages with an A-Z index.


This module allows you to add testimonials to your website, with an index. Each testimonial has its own web page. The homepage of the website can display your latest testimonials.



The links module allows you to maintain a page of reciprocal links with other websites.

PayPal Store

A basic CMS-powered store that links into PayPal's Cart service to buildup an order and take payment. This option is not as advanced as our full E-commerce solution and is intended for catalogs with a small number of products.


Store Finder

The store finder module allows you to create individual information pages for each store. These are displayed on a Map with markers showing the store locations. Selecting one of these markers shows the store's address and links to the page about that store. This module requires the client to input data.


All the above CMS modules can be added to any of our website options‚Äč. Contact us about the cost of adding these to make your custom solution.

Page Content Components

In addition to the page CMS modules, we also have a range of page content components. The page components allow for a wide range of different content layouts to be made using our standard Pages module. They allow you to easily add and manage content with the design and layout being controlled by the site publish templates.


Web CMS comprises a setup fee and monthly service fee. Add our CMS to your website package from only £20/month. Adding one of our standard modules will add an additional fee per module to the monthly fee.


Our monthly subscription fee includes email and telephone support for you with issues around how to use our service. We will also investigate any technical issues you may be having with the service. If you wish us to do something with the service on your behalf, then this will be charged at our normal rates.

Custom CMS Modules

In addition to the standard CMS modules, we can also create custom CMS modules for selected content or sections of your website. CMS puts you in control of your website. It can handle photos, audio or video files, PDF documents and rich HTML text areas.

For a custom quote for your Content Management requirements, contact us with details of your requirements.

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