3Legs CMS

3Legs CMS gives you a flexible way to maintain all or part of your website

Our 3 Legs CMS is a custom Content Management System (CMS) delivered as software as a service (SaaS). With our CMS, we can customise the system for each website, adding the specific modules and components for that site. We can even customise these so that they function specifically for your website. 

We can tailor the CMS exactly to your needs so you won’t end up paying for features you’ll never use. 3 Legs CMS can be more secure than alternatives, such as WordPress, since it’s not as well-known and doesn’t have as large of a target on its back. A website produced by our CMS can be faster and more efficient since it’s not weighed down by unnecessary features and bloatware.

Because we provide our CMS as SaaS, there is a monthly fee to use the system, which also includes training and support. As a SaaS, none of the CMS code runs on your website which reduces the security risk from hackers and allows us to maintain the code centrally.

Choose a website package with our Content Management System (CMS) in the service bundle then add any of the modules below to add functionality to your website.

Our Content Management System (CMS) modules are an easy way to add specific functionality to your website package at an affordable price. These modules are available as add-ons to a website package with our CMS in the monthly bundle. Each module has a basic setup cost and then an ongoing monthly service fee.

Standard Modules

Standard modules form the core of our content management systems. These are pre-designed modules that add specific functionality to a website quickly and affordably.

The Pages module is the starting point for any website. It allows you to add and edit pages within the website. We also have a series of page components that can be added to this page to offer a range of different content layout customisation options.

In addition, it has a range of other modules designed for specific purposes. These modules allow you to simply focus on adding new content to your site while they create the relevant pages and layouts on your site.  These include:

  • News Module
  • Video Articles
  • Blog
  • Events
  • Listings
  • Case Studies
  • Offers
  • Galleries
  • Testimonials
  • Store Finder

Modules Demos

  • Staff Profiles

Page Components

Page Components are a way of adding content to the pages of your website in a pre-defined layout without you having to do the work. You simply add a page block to a page and then the page component you want to that block. Once you add the details, our system lays out the content according to the components template.

You can have any number of the blocks on a page, each with its own content. These can also be rearranged, allowing you to control the layout of individual pages. This highly flexible system puts you in control. Each component added to a site is customised to match the overall site design. We can also produce custom components specifically for your site. Our page Components include:

  • Scrollers & Sliders
  • Infoboxes & Panels
  • Tabbed and Expanding boxes
  • Image grids
  • Staff Bios
  • Quote/Comment boxes
  • Galleries
  • Image Comparison
  • Embedded Videos
  • Maps
  • Link Lists

Components Demos

Pricing & Support

Web CMS comprises a setup fee and monthly service fee. Add our CMS to your website package from only £20/month. Adding one of our standard modules will add an additional fee per module to the monthly fee. 

Our monthly subscription fee includes email and telephone support for you with issues around how to use our service. We will also investigate any technical issues you may be having with the service. If you wish us to do something with the service on your behalf, then this will be charged at our normal rates.

Custom CMS Modules

In addition to the standard CMS modules, we can also create custom CMS modules for selected content or sections of your website. CMS puts you in control of your website. It can handle photos, audio or video files, PDF documents and rich HTML text areas.

For a custom quote for your Content Management requirements, contact us with details of your requirements.

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