Software Support Agreement

For bespoke software solutions that are produced by us, we offer a software support agreement.

No software solution is issue-free or does not have occasional data issues or user usage problems. Therefore, any business dependent on a specific software solution or bespoke software website must have a support agreement in place.

Each agreement sets out the SLA for the severity of an issue and what cover is provided during a workday, out-of-hours, weekends, or bank holiday. The second part is which support levels are covered by the contract. Any issue matching an SLA service level and support level will be included in the price of the agreement. If an issue requires a support level above that an agreement covers, then this will be chargeable.

This will give you peace of mind knowing that should you or your user have any issues, then, we are here to help.

Response & SLA

In addition to a support agreement covering support levels, these agreements also include a Response Time and SLA.

All support issues are assessed and categorised into a severity level, which has an associated response time.


Failure Description

Response Time

S1 – System Failed

Multiple users are unable to access the system to perform everyday work.

Defined in Agreement

S2 – System Malfunction

The system is still operational, but some functionality is disabled.

Defined in Agreement

S3 – Operation impaired

System operation impaired or slow running. Core functions are healthy.

Defined in Agreement

S4 – Usage

Operating normally, but individual users are experiencing issues.

Defined in Agreement

S5 – Cosmetic/Content

Spelling mistakes, screen layouts or user enhancement/content request

Defined in Agreement


The contract then defines which severity-level issues are handled during office hours, out-of-hours, weekends and bank holidays. If an issue is submitted outside office hours, it will be dealt with if it meets the severity level for that day/time in the agreement. Otherwise, it will be held over to the next working day.

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