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Increasingly, your website is often where your customers first see you. Flashy gimmicks or generic, bland design can be off-putting, and nothing in the world of the Web dates quicker than pointless flavour-of-the-month design frippery. Instead, we prefer to offer classic, elegant, custom designs – not built from templates – to make sure that we show your business to its best advantage, with no unnecessary distractions.

We’ll listen to what you tell us, to ensure we build the site you want. Our copywriters will use your input and expertise to create clear, straightforward text to really get your message across. If your  site is based on our CMS or E-commerce systems, we offer full training and backup. Our CMS is simple and intuitive in use and is easily expandable - with new optional modules added frequently. Progressive Web Apps allow your site to function and feel like a native mobile app - they're downloadable, installable and reliable and can even be used offline, meaning your customers can see you anywhere.

Let us help you help your business - We won't be happy until we know you're happy.

Whats involved in getting a website?


After you are happy that all the pages, features, and functionality are working as agreed, the site is ready to launch. Once launched, we will submit the site to both Google and Bing. If your site includes our CMS or Web Cart, we will provide training on how to use these systems. 


The first step in getting a website is to define your requirements. The best place to start is to decide what pages you need and what content you need on these pages. You then need to decide what features you need and what specific functionality the site must include. The next thing to consider is how should the site look. Look at other websites and pick out the things you like and dislike.


Once you've finalised your requirements, we encourage you to reach out to us for a personalised discussion. During this meeting, we'll carefully review your requirements and propose the most suitable solutions for your desired features and functionality. 

From here we can provide a quote for producing a website to meet your requirements, features and functionality.


Upon your acceptance of our quote, we'll commence the design phase of your website. For more intricate sites, we'll engage in a detailed discussion about the homepage and individual pages, outlining the necessary sections and elements. We'll then present you with up to 3 design options, which we'll refine based on your feedback, allowing for up to 2 rounds of modifications.


After the design has been agreed upon, we will build a development site based on it. At this point, individual features, functionality, and content will be added to the site. If your project includes content generation, we will contact you to arrange this; otherwise, this is the point at which it will need to be supplied. 


Once the content has been added to the development site, you will be asked to review these pages and provide details of any necessary corrections.


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