Blog/News Post Creation

Keeping people engaged with your website can be difficult. Search engines (and customers) like to see regular new content and user engagement.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to include a blog on your website. Blogs give your business a voice and help you stand out from the crowd. The longer format of a blog post gives you more space to talk about your business than you ordinarily would on your social media profiles, and helps your customers gain a more complete insight.

Regular blog posts on your website give people a reason to keep visiting, generating traffic which in turn helps raise your profile in search results. They can also be shared with your Social Media accounts, creating more fresh content and linking back to your site, encouraging further customer engagement.

When you sign up to our blog creation service, we will produce professionally-written, engaging and relevant blog posts you can include on your website. If your site uses our Content Management System (CMS), you can choose to give us access and let us post the blog entry (subject to your approval, of course) - leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

If your site doesn't already have a blog, then we can add one with our CMS. If your site doesn't feature our CMS, then contact us to discuss adding it as an option.

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