Support Options

At 3 Legs Internet we offer different types of support options to suit our clients’ requirements.

Service fees

These are monthly fees which cover the monthly operational cost of a website or software solution. They generally cover:

  • Domain Names Registration & Renewals
  • Hosting
  • Backup
  • SSL Certificates
  • Email Accounts
  • Subscription software usage licence and telephone/email support
  • Third Party Software fees if applicable

They do not cover us carrying out work on your website on your behalf or changes made to the design or functionality of the website or software solution.

PAYG Maintenance & Support

Any work not covered by our service agreements or subscription services will be charged at our standard website or programming hourly rates.

We aim to complete basic maintenance work within 3-5 working days; other work will be priced and scheduled prior to commencement.

Maintenance & Support Contracts

These are monthly-charged contracts that include a set number of hours of work per month. They are bespoke to individual clients and cover either a website, software system or both. Any work outside of the contract will be priced at our standard website or programming hourly rates.

Work that involves more than just maintenance on an existing website or software system will be quoted for as a specific, individual project.


Callback Request

If you would like us to call you back to discuss your requirements then please completed the following form.

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