Blog/News Post Creation

Keeping people engaged with your website can be difficult. Search engines such as Google like to see regular new content, with users continually engaging with your site. One of the most effective ways to do this is to include a blog on your website.

Regular blog posts on your website give people a reason to keep visiting and generate traffic that Google sees, which helps your search engine performance. They can also be shared with your Social Media accounts, creating fresh content and linking back to your site, encouraging further customer engagement.

With our Blog service, we will produce blog posts you can include on your website. If your site uses our  Content Management System (CMS), you can choose to give us access and we will also post the blog entry for you.

If your site does not have a blog then we can add one to your site using our CMS.If your site does not feature our CMS, then contact us to discuss adding this as an option.

  Bronze Silver Gold
Blog Articles per month 2 4 6
Monthly Fee £149.00 £349.00 £499.00