Web Apps

Mobile application development can be expensive and time-consuming, involving multiple ecosystems running on diverse devices which have to conform to different sets of standards.

Web Apps are browser-based applications, built to offer similar levels of functionality and run on multiple device formats without the need or expense of designing and building different versions. Using mobile-responsive design, Web Apps will run on desktop and laptop computers, reformat for tablet devices and scale down to mobile phones. Offline data caching means the Web App may also be used without an active internet connection.

We have produced a Web App development environment which allows us to produce Web Apps powered by our Content Management System (CMS). This enables you to update the information in the app anywhere, at any time, via an easy to use web-based interface - which can power your website as well as the Web App - allowing both to share the same information. This means you need only maintain information once, yet have the ability to instantly publish to multiple platforms.

Note that Web Apps are not the same as native Mobile Phone Apps, although the visual feel and user experience can be very similar. 

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