Website Hosting

We offer a number of different hosting options designed to support the websites we produce.

All our hosting offers high-quality web space for your website with monthly bandwidth allowance. We use Linux-based servers in the Isle of Man, virtual servers in the UK and a cloud-hosting solution in the US for small basic websites. All servers are located in professional data centres to ensure high quality connectivity, support and security. These data centres are fully secured buildings with access only to authorised personnel, with standby generator back-up in the event of power failure, environmental control and onsite technical cover.

Our hosting is aimed at customers who reqire us to host the websites that we have produced. If you intend to install software that requires scripting services (such as CGI, PHP, ASP etc.), then this will not be suitable. For those customers looking for a shopping cart, we can provide our web-based solution.

Shared Server Hosting

  Standard Package Advanced Package
Web Space 500Mb 2Gb
Monthly Bandwidth 5Gb 20Gb
Domain Name FREE (.com,.uk, or .im) FREE (.com,.uk, or .im)
Nameserver Management by 3 Legs by 3 Legs
E-Mail Accounts 1 x IMAP 2 x IMAP
Mailbox Size 1Gb 1Gb
Virus & Spam Filtering Yes Yes
Price £10 + VAT per month £25 + VAT per month

Additional bandwidth will be charged at £5 per Gb or part thereof used.

Virtual Servers

For websites, web apps or web software solutions we produce which require their own dedicated server, we are able to provide Linux-based virtual servers in a London datacentre.