Page Components

Our Page Components, including maps and e-mail forms, along with photo galleries, promo banners, content sliders and information panels and boxes can enhance the functionality and usefulness of your website and improve the UX (web jargon for "user experience") of your visitors. We offer many options, with many ways to combine them, and the list is growing all the time as new features are added by our designers.

Any of the following page components can be added to your website. Contact us for details of cost.


Add a map to a page on your website to show your location.


Email Form

Add an email form to your website. The online form uses Google Captcha to reduce spam.

Promo Banners

Areas on a web page where different graphical banners appear. These can be animated to either slide into position or fade in. A single promo banner block includes 3 banners as standard. Additional banners can be added as required.

Content Slider

This is a series of HTML blocks that slide into position on top of one another. Each HTML block can include text and images. A single content slider includes 3 blocks as standard. Additional blocks can be added as required.


Information Panel

These can contain descriptive information, an image and a price field, and are arranged as a series of panels on a page.


Information Boxes

These are simply a series of boxes containing descriptive information, an image and a price field, which are arranged into a grid on a page.


Information Carousel

This displays a series of images or html blocks in a scrolling list.


Information Tabs

Are a series of HTML areas which can be expanded one at a time by the website user.


Tab Box

This is is a series of HTML content areas with a tabbed index at the top.


Photo Gallery

A responsive gallery that can be added to a page, featuring a series of thumbnail images, a main image and a popup slideshow gallery.


Item Boxes

These are arranged into a grid on a website's page and can contain information including titles, images, descriptions and a price field.


Bullet Grid

Information is organised in to a grid struture with each block having a bullet icon.


Icon Grid

A grid of icons with a title, description and link.


Comment Box

With a comment box you can highlight a specific bix of text within a page.


Plan Box

A simple, effective and elegant way of presenting bundled plans to your customers.


Link List

Display a series of links to documents or other websites in a simple multi-column list.


Box Scroller

A series of infoboxes containing pictures and text, which scroll across the page in an order you select.


Box Grid

A page of boxes which contain images or text, and which can be easily re-ordered by dragging-and-dropping within the CMS


Box Slider

A series of boxes which are displayed one at a time containing images or text, or a mixture of both, which can be slid across the page by clicking on the arrows at the side of the box.


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