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Design is where your website starts.

There's more to designing a website than just pretty colours and nice photos. There's branding, for a start. A well-designed website will reflect your business. Then there's UX (short for User Experience). This is a catch-all term for how your website works when a customer visits it - how easy it is to navigate, how clear it is, how well information is put across - in short, how enjoyable and helpful your site is to use. It's essential that your site provides a positive experience, or visitors simply won't come back.

Our range of design add-ons allows you to add elements to your website, and it's being added to and growing all the time. It's quick and easy to customise your site so you end up with exactly what you want. It also means changes and additions to functionality can be made at any time as your business - and your site - grows.

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