Web Software

Modernising your business processes and procedures efficiently and effectively requires a specific set of tools.

we can custom-build web software to put the offline functionality of your office right where you need it – on the screen in front of you. Booking systems, databases and customer portals can all be created around your exact requirements, ensuring your online business works the way you want it to.

Web software differs from traditional desktop and mobile software in that it’s not installed on the end-user’s computer. Instead, it’s accessed using your preferred web browser. If you’ve used services like MS Office Online, Google Docs, Online Accounts Software and eBay, you’ve already used browser-based web software – possibly without realising.

Web software offers many advantages over traditional, locally-installed software. Updates can be carried out simultaneously across all users without the need to spend time updating individual devices, meaning you can be sure you’re using the latest version of the software at any given time. Uniformity of experience can be guaranteed, because everybody is using exactly the same software and accessing the same data. For the same reasons, staff training can be greatly simplified.

Using Web Software means less worrying about technical details – the application service provider (ASP) takes care of a lot of the work an IT department normally does – leaving you free to concentrate on your business.  Web-based software can ease the load on your IT infrastructure because it’s running on powerful cloud servers, meaning your local machines aren’t overstretched. 

We design interactive systems and services to integrate seamlessly with the way you work, and offer a range of Software as a Service (SaaS) packages and custom software solutions.

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