E-Commerce Marketing

An e-commerce website is only as good as the quality of traffic that it gets. No e-commerce website will generate sales without any marketing and promotion to get users to your site.

Below are a series or suggestions of how to market and promote your e-commerce website.

In Store

If you have a physical retail store then there is a number of different things that you can do.

  • Make sure your website address is clearly visible instore
  • Include your website address on all receipts and carrier bags
  • Include handouts with details of your site with all purchases
  • Provide details of offers only available online
  • If you use Voucher Codes offer people who make purchases instore a code to get a discount online.
  • If you have exclusive product lines online make sure these are promoted instore

On your site

  • Make sure you are price competitive
  • Try to offer FREE delivery
  • Include a page of special offers
  • Use Promo Banners and Ads to promote select products
  • Collect email addresses for email marketing
  • Have exclusive product lines online
  • Consider a weekly special offer that you can promote online, instore or by email
  • Create bundles of products at a reduced price
  • Change featured products regularly

Offline Marketing

  • Ensure all business stationary and print advertising includes your website address
  • Consider radio advertising to promote your brand and website address
  • If you have a weekly offer include this in any instore or other advertising

Online Marketing

  • List your business online in Google for Business, Bing Places for Business and Apple Maps Connect
  • Use collected email addresses to promote exclusive product lines and offers
  • Use Pay Per Click advertising to drive quality traffic to your website e.g. Google Adwords or Bing Ads
  • Use Facebook or Twitter ads to promote your business and products on social media
  • Use online banner advertising linked to your current promotional offers
  • Setup social media accouts on facebook and twitter to promote offers that you have available
  • Add your products to services such as Google Shopping, Amazon Marketplace or Kelkoo
  • Use affiliate marketing networks to drive interested traffic to your site.