Website Maintenance

Once you have a website the next step is to keep the site up to date. At 3 Legs we offer a number of different solutions depending on your requirements.

Self-Managed Updates

If you wish to maintain the website yourself then we offer our own, in-house developed, content management solution (CMS). This is a web based subscription service that allows you to make content updates to your site at any time of the day. Our CMS is available on any website built by us for use with this solution. Alternatively, we can convert part or all part of other sites to be used with our CMS.

Users of our e-commerce system can maintain products and categories via this products web portal.

Requested Updates

If you choose not to use our CMS or would like us to make updates to the content for you then we can do this on request. You simple provide us with details of the required updates. For complex updates we will provide a quote and timescale for making the updates. For other updates we will process them within 5 working days at our standard hourly rate.

Managed Updates

If you would like us to run your website on your behalf, then please contact us to discuss what options are available.