Web Apps

Developing applications for mobile platforms can be expensive and time-consuming, involving multiple ecosystems and varying device formats in order to deliver the same information. Web Apps are browser-based applications.designed to run on different devices without the need for spending time, money or resources creating different versions, but which enjoy the familiar feel of the mobile apps to which you and your customers have become accustomed.

Using mobile-responsive design, Web Apps can be made to run on desktop/laptop computers and will reformat for tablet devices and scale down to mobile phones. With offline data caching aspects of the Web App can also be used without an active internet connection.

At 3 Legs, we have produced a Web App development environment that allows us to produce Web Apps powered by our Content Management System (CMS). This allows you to update the information in the app anywhere, at any time, via an easy to use web interface and can be used to power your website as well as the Web App - allowing both to share the same information. This means you need only maintain information once yet can publish to multiple solutions.   

Please note that Web Apps are not the same as native Mobile Phone Apps.

Main Benefits of Web Apps

  • Browser-based solutions only require a compatible web browser
  • Web App upgrades are delivered to all users at the same time
  • Web Apps can integrate into other web-based services
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Multiple device type support (smartphone, tablets, laptops, etc..)
  • Web Apps are delivered via your website so there are no app store submission and approval processes to deal with

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