E-Mail Hosting

We offer 1Gb mailboxes as standard with our hosting solutions which can be configured as POP3 or IMAP. The difference between these two protocols is that POP3 emails are downloaded to your computer for local storage, after which they are cleared from the mail server, whilst IMAP mail remains on the server, allowing access from multiple devices and locations.

For those wishing to utilise this latter functionality, IMAP offers the best solution - but we realise that a 1Gb mailbox contains a limited amount of storage space. With this in mind, we now offer 10Gb mailboxes for customers wishing to use IMAP.

Existing customers can take advantage of our new mailboxes at £5 per month per box. New customers can purchase a minimum 5-mailbox package for £25 per month, with additional boxes charged at £5 per month. All charges exclude VAT.

Call us to find out what an IMAP mailbox can offer you.

If you currently have POP3 mailboxes or an existing IMAP mail provider, then you will need to migrate your current mailboxes to our service. This will usually involve backing up your current mailbox, configuring your email client to access the new mailboxes and then importing your old email. We can do this for you, charged at our standard hourly rate.