Domain Names & Hosting

Domain Names

The first step for any business on the Internet is to secure a domain name. A domain name is your digital identity, for both your website address and your e-mail address, so choosing the right name is important.

We deal directly with UK, US and Manx registrars. This means that no other company is involved in registering and re-registering your domain name. As a result we have full administrative control of your name and do not need to rely on a third party.

For details about how to transfer a domain name to us click here. Details about how to transfer a domain name from us click here.

Domain names are registered for either 1 or 2 years depending on the type of name. Contact us for pricing details.

Web Hosting

We provide a range of hosting options in support of the website solutions we offer. These are pure hosting solutions with no virus or spam email filtering delaying or interrupting delivery of email.

Using our reliable Linux based web servers you can get your website online at reasonable cost. Our hosting solutions are available in either standard or advanced packages depending on your storage or bandwidth requirements. Each package has a number of POP3* e-mail accounts, each account can have a number of e-mail aliases.

In addition to our shared servers we are also able to provide cloud server options for your website solution.

While our hosting options are design for the website solutions we produce we can also provide basic hosting to people who wish to produce their own website. If you intend to produce you own website you should be aware of some of the restrictions we place on our hosting packages for third parties. We do not permit scripting languages or databases such as MySQL, PHP, ASP, PEAL or CGI These are reserved for website solutions that we produce. Our hosting packages are also not suitable for Word Press websites.

Administration of the domain name registration, hosting settings and email accounts is via 3 Legs only. We do not provide a web based management system.

All hosting packages are for a minimum 12 month period. Contact us for pricing details.